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Re-entry – I go through it every time when returning from a trip away.  It takes some shifting of gears, some reflection, some assimilation and appreciation of my experiences before I am ready to quietly slide back into my everyday life.

We had a wonderfully fulfilling time – connecting with family and our adult children – soaking in and participating in the patterns of their lives.

Yet, when the phone rang early this morning, awaking me after a late arrival home last evening, disorientation reigned – where am I, where is the phone – a weird feeling at first until I realized I was in the very most familiar surroundings of all – home.

With the “comforts of home” definitely ringing true.

When parents and children are traveling here and there, visiting family, grandparents, bunking up in different sleeping arrangements, having little downtime, experiencing new and unfamiliar foods, expectations, interactions, schedules – you can expect some behavior changes and upsets during your family’s re-entry.

Best to keep it low those first days back, catch up on lost sleep, slide into your regular routine, and give yourself and your children some time to catch their breath, to appreciate being home.

Because, yes, it does feel good to be home.

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