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Soul food

I just came back from welcoming a very precious brand new baby boy to our Planet Earth – on his first day here – all 4 lbs. 13 ounces of him.  What a gift to meet someone so new – so tiny yet packed with a presence so powerful you feel humbled watching him lie peacefully against his mama’s chest.

Being a parent is a challenging task but it doesn’t mean one needs to know everything about parenting the moment your little one arrives.  For parents grow and develop as their baby does, rising to the occasions that occur as a baby moves into childhood and beyond.

It is  made easier if we can somehow just keep the wonder, the reverence, the miracle that we experience on this first day of birth alive in our hearts. For what babies and children need most is to be cherished – and that means being loved, being taken care of, feeling safe, having his needs met, feeling emotionally secure.

Elisabeth Young-Bruehl and Faith Bethelard in their book, Cherishment write, “We think of cherishment as the emotional equivalent of nourishment – Soul Food”.

I like that expression – Soul Food.  If young parents face the years of child raising ahead with this one tool in plenty – Soul Food for their baby’s early years and beyond – their emotional connection will be present and strong – and that’s what will make all the difference.

Best wishes and love to this new little guy and his parents – and may they be rich in soul food for him – and each other.

And for all new parents and any parents of children under five years of age, The Parenting Place offers a helping hand – the Parents as Teachers program which is a home visiting program that supports families as they approach the different developmental stages of their young child’s life, to provide suggestions and ways to meet their teachable moments, and to maximize their early brain, motor, social and emotional development.  This program is free of charge.

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