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Come play

Friday morning Play Shop at Clayton Johnson Park in La Crosse was picture perfect in more ways than one.

Big sheets of white poster board were spread out on the basketball court, brushes and bright colors were available as the children came  – one by one – wanting to paint.

I knew when I woke up Friday morning that I wasn’t going to offer the art activity I had planned for that day.  I needed more signs painted for the different activities at The Children’s Festival and realized that this was the perfect opportunity.

I was right.  The children were so engrossed in their paintings – this was no slap/dash exercise.  Carefully yet independently  choosing the colors and designs they wanted, they worked; one little girl exclaiming over the sheen of the silver antennae of her colorful butterfly, another so pleased about the bulgy black eyes of her green frog, and yet another little guy thrilled with his first real exploration of color.

Materials – available to children  to examine, to choose, to use, to create – works.

That’s why I’m bursting with enthusiasm about The Parenting Place’s Annual Children’s Festival, where play happens coming up on Saturday, August 24th at Myrick Park from 9 :00 AM – 12:00 PM.  Because that’s what happens there – opportunities offered, raw materials presented in an elemental and meaningful way so children can naturally respond.

Dirt pile, construction site, mud kitchen, water play, obstacle courses, dinosaur playscape, self-selected creative projects and so much more are part of the careful planning of the Festival to foster curiosity, imagination, experimentation, and satisfaction.

This year at noon as the Festival activities close, families can enjoy the interactive music provided by Judsen Steinback .

The Children’s Festival is an annual fundraiser for The Parenting Place.  All of the proceeds go toward our free Parent Education and Support programs that are offered throughout the year for all those who care for children. It’s a unique morning of joyful play, exploration, movement, creativity, wonder for children and adults alike.

So please pass the word to one and all – especially those families who are not familiar with us and remind those who are.  Buttons for adults and children are 3 for $10; $4.00 each – $5.00 the day of the Festival.  Children under one years old do not need a button.  Buttons can be purchased at all The Parenting Place locations.

Scholarship buttons are available for any family who might need them.  Just call The Parenting Place and ask for Fran or Marilyn, leaving your name and how many buttons you will need.

The Children’s Festival is one very special morning of fun for families that will help The Parenting Place continue to do what we do best everyday – educate, support, nurture and play.

Come be a part of the magic.

P.S.  Play clothes definitely recommended!

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