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Big Tree

Big Tree sits on the marsh trail at Myrick Park.  If you’ve walked the trail, you have seen her.

Big Tree, as we fondly call her, is huge, stately and impressive.  When my husband and I and Tootsie walk through the marsh, we never pass by without acknowledgment.

There are two benches near Big Tree for one to rest, to reflect, to be restored. There’s a nice clearing off the path around her. Often we stop – to sit for a moment on the bench – or just to circle Big Tree in awe – touching and feeling the warmth of her bark.

For some reason when I sat down to write my blog today, it was Big Tree that I thought of – Big Tree that kept popping into my head. I stopped to wonder why, and realized perhaps it was the sense of grounding one feels when you are in the presence of this grand tree, who just seems to be saying, “I am always here for you, come and sit by me and be peaceful”.

Isn’t that what our children need at times?  Even more so, I’d say, on the days that nothing seems to be going right.  Or perhaps now, at new beginnings for so many children – starting preschools, kindergarten, middle and high school, even college.  Our children go off, use all of their reserves to be brave, to be a part of the social group, to work hard, and when they come home – there you are.

It is a delicate time of transition when children re-enter the family circle after being away.  Too many demands, too many questions all at once can be overload on a child’s depleted emotional tank.  Try instead to just be peaceful, welcoming, nourishing with a healthy snack ready – and then wait – for them to be refueled, by the strength of your presence – their own Big Tree.

Thinking of all of you who are sending your little ones and bigger ones off to new adventures away from you.

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