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in their own time

I noticed it right away at Play Shoppe on Friday – a certain stride in his step, the sturdy confidence in the hold of his head, the more direct eyes.  This little guy had bloomed in the hot summer weather and blossomed into the beginning of a new stage of integration.

I knew it would come.  He is a quiet introspective child who stayed close to Mom and focused on what was in front of him.  And that was always okay with Mom.  She granted him his growing season without pushing, picking, suggesting, comparing.

Another little child also grabbed my attention on Friday.  Whenever I would come face to face with this young sunflower, she would hit the floor immediately and hide her face.  It was all just too much for her to have to be confronted.  Mom never made excuses or tried to force the issue.  That was just what she did and that was okay.

But on Friday, there sat this little girl, bespectacled and happy, during circle time, looking me right in the eyes, doing all the finger plays, singing the song, participating – in her own time.

I guess that’s the real message here – in their own time.  After all, childhood is not a race,  every child is different and their time table set at their own individual pace.  When as parents, we can recognize this and hold our children in confidence and trust versus impatience and conditions, our children will emerge and reveal the unfolding of their special self.

Patrick and Kayleigh Jo – I was expecting you – in your own time.

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