My brother’s backpack

It was such a sweet story that a mom shared with me at Play Shoppe on Friday morning.  Her 3-year-old daughter began preschool this fall and was feeling very sad and lonely on her first day there.   Fortunately her 1st grade brother, Will, got the chance to come and comfort her, and that made her feel so much better.

Recently, though, tender little Beatrice has figured out her own “security system”. “When my class goes to the bathroom, I get to walk right by and see Will’s backpack hanging on a hook outside of his classroom, and then I don’t feel sad anymore.”

The closeness of siblings.

As parents we often fret about not being able to meet all the needs of our children – especially when children are close in age and still very young.

But love filters down from one child to another when, perhaps, we least expect it.

I watched two young sisters while visiting the Onalaska Play Shoppe this week.  They were very cooperatively sweeping up the rice that was all over the floor from the rice table.  One had the big broom – the other had the dust pan and small brush.

They stuck to their job happily making great progress when someone remarked to them what a good job they were doing.  One sister readily responded – “Team work makes the dream work.”

“Team work makes the dream work” – I wanted to make sure I remembered that saying,  coming so easily out of the mouth of this little hard worker.  For that’s what families are all about – teamwork.

It’s this very sense of belonging and spirit that is felt and cherished from within – that does, indeed, make “the dream work” –  that provides a little girl comfort just by the sight of her own big brother’s backpack hanging on a hook outside his classroom door.

“There may be no relationships that can run quite as deep or survive quite as long as those among siblings.” – Jeffrey Kluger, The Sibling Effect

If you are experiencing some less than positive interactions between the siblings in your house, give me a call at The Parenting Place, 608-784-8125 and together we can find the teamwork.

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