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“It’s okay – don’t be shy”

“It’s okay…don’t be shy” words that little 2-year-old Wren has heard her parents say to her as she approached new situations.  At The Parenting Place Costume Swap on Saturday, I was so amused to hear this precocious little one use the same words back to her parents when being told to be careful, to wait, to stop.

“It’s okay  don’t be shy” she told them as she moved ahead figuring out how to squeeze herself into one of the costumes.

Her parents had used those words to convey to Wren that she was safe, to encourage her to explore, to feel secure, to be brave in new situations.  So it makes total sense that Wren uses those same words to her parents when they are nervous and insecure about her emerging independence and exploration.

Last October I blogged about Malala, the young brave Pakistani girl who was brutally shot by the Taliban for being an active and passionate advocate for schooling for girls. Remarkably recovered, living now with her family in England and back in school, Malala is more committed than ever to continue her quest for the freedom and gift of education for all.

“It’s okay, don’t be shy.”

Malala just turned 16 years old and on her birthday made an address to the United Nations and has also become the youngest person ever to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

“It’s okay, don’t be shy.”

Malala is such an impressive young woman.  I saw her as a guest this past week on the Jon Stewart show.  Malala’s words of unbelievable wisdom, bravery, strength, joy and presence humbled the usual quick-witted, not easily impressed Stewart speechless.  “Malala”, he told her, “I don’t know where you come from but I am very glad you’re here”.

Why these two stories together?

I’m not sure exactly – perhaps it’s the spirit, the confidence and the attitude of these two girls, of different ages, that resonates for me – and the words “It’s okay – don’t be shy” as understood by a 2-year-old to mean –” Don’t worry, I’m okay, you’re okay too, let’s be brave together” as we  each  grow, and explore and choose our own way.

Thank you, Malala for your inspiration and vision and thank you, too, Wren, for your pure innocence and ” joie de vivre”.

(Malala has written a book, I Am Malala, a perfect family holiday gift to share with older children.)

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