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Certain things really bring me an extra surge of joy.

One of those moments this week happened during a spontaneous group response to a new action play we did during our circle time at Friday’s Play Shoppe.

Here’s the words I said to this group of little children:

Keep very quiet

Keep very still

Don’t make a sound

Don’t move until …


The children,  sitting on the floor bent over with their heads on their knees and their eyes shut tight, were absolutely still.  I said each line very deliberately … and very slowly …  and very quietly…  building up the anticipation and the suspense …  until …  an emphatic – BOO!

What a response – one I only wish I had on video – it would have been sure to go viral.

The children shrieked,  they giggled, they laughed hysterically, they jumped up and down – giddy with the power of surprise.

We repeated this three times and each time the surprise element remained.  For after that first time, they were in on the joke and were thoroughly enjoying the anticipation.

Actually, no one was more surprised than me – and delighted – to have such young children listen so carefully and respond so gleefully.

For is there anything more joyful than the spontaneous burst of children’s laughter – so genuine and pure?

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