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As I sit sorting warm sweaters and old jackets,  favorite hats with a hole here and there, thanks to Tootsie,   I realize – it’s blog day – and I’d better get busy on it.

So – while I’m on the subject –  have all of you already pulled out your winter clothes?   Because it’s time.  It’s time to start wearing warm jackets and cozy hats and gloves.  It’s time – to be ready.

The fresh, cold and sometimes gray days of November are upon us.

I always look at November as a prelude to what’s ahead.  I like the starkness that November brings.  I love to see the architecture of the trees, bared from their leaves.  I like the hardness of the fading green ground under my feet, before the snow arrives. The air is cold but pure and invigorating, and I don’t mind it making my nose drip or my cheeks red. I love a late afternoon November sky that warns of snow, if only a few flakes.

For children, for all of us, it is this prelude, this anticipation that can be fun to meet and greet head on.

When we intentionally embrace November days, go out and explore, walk the neighborhood, run, chase, pick a fall bouquet, walk in the early morning fog, have a rainy-day umbrella walk, notice the shiny colorful wet leaves  – the bonuses are many;  healthy children with rosy cheeks, relaxed and tired, good appetites,  full of the fresh early winter air, with warm memories to store.

“If we let them, children can reintroduce us to the world.” Dr. Bruce Perry

That’s a good way to think about it.  If we let them … it’s up to us to take the opportunities so readily available that can introduce them and reintroduce us to many adventures – like November.

Happy November to all.

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