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facing the wind – together

Sunday afternoon was a blustery very cold day, yet with bright sunshine and a cloudless blue sky.  Hearty parents and their children bundled up to decorate the Parenting Place’s annual holiday tree for the Rotary Lights display at Riverside Park.

In between tree decorating, eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate, and exploring neighboring trees, we played a game geared toward energizing and keeping us warm

It was called the Snowball Feud.  We used a very large fallen branch we found to separate our two teams.  About sixty crumpled up balls of paper towels were our snowballs.  The rules were that there would be an exact number of “snowballs” for each team.   Then … the action could begin – each team scrambling to pick up and throw the snowballs onto the other team’s turf.  In three minutes or so, the team with the least snowballs left would be the victors.

That scenario, however, did not include the very strong winds.  The team facing the wind did not even have a chance.  All the paper snowballs were automatically blowing back to them.  That’s when 8-year-old Sophie came up with a great solution.

” Come on over to our side and let’s fight the wind together.”

A video should have been in order here.  Adults and children, ranging from two to eight years old, laughing, yelling, wildly bending and picking up paper snowballs in a furious attempt to beat the wind.  The faster we threw, the faster they came back at us.

The force of the wind was powerful and awesome – a formidable  opponent.

At last we called a truce and carefully picked up all our snowballs to discard.  We were definitely warmed up – by the physical exertion, the shared laughter, excitement and silliness of it all.

And as for the wind – what better way than this to face it, to “take it on” to experience its  power, its strength and its playfulness.

May you all have a very lovely, playful Thanksgiving Day!

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