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What a surprise for me to discover the article making news on line and in print this week about the little girl who was born on Thanksgiving Day and so named Happy Thanksgiving by her parents.

I heard the story being discussed among co-workers  and mentioned that I once had a little girl in the first class I ever taught whose name was Happy Thanksgiving – some 38 years ago.

I wondered – could it be the Happy I knew?  I took one look at the picture on line of this grown woman – a doctor now – and knew immediately it was her.  I recognized her eyes and the way her nose crinkled when she smiled – evidence of the 5-year-old’s charm still present.

It’s hard to forget somebody named Happy Thanksgiving.  Even though I’ve had no news of her all these years later, whenever the subject of names came up, I usually shared this story of the little girl with the holiday name.

Some things go down in history – some things you just don’t forget.

Cole was a 9-year-old at the time his entry was selected to be the design for the 2012 Children’s Festival button.  He had his picture taken for our donor newsletter holding his drawing, and I remember the comment he made to his mom at the time – “I’m a part of history now”.

And it’s true – Cole is part of The Parenting Place history and we’re all  part, I believe, of his family  history.

Actually, I feel that’s true for all of our families who share in events at The Parenting Place – most especially our participation in the Rotary Lights tree decorating and parade.

Families play such a significant role in their success.  Many of those who have been attending these events for several years in a row have told me they’ve become a favorite family holiday tradition for them.  I’d say these families are not only creating personal memories but, as Cole would say, “are a part of history now” – a part of The Parenting Place history.

That goes even for the mom this year whose littlest family member had a major melt-down on the parade float.  She e-mailed me that in spite of it, “we made memories we will joke about years from now”.

You see, Luc – you’re part of history now too!

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