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well said

I love the way a young child often puts words and ideas together that gets his/her message across in such an authentic and very meaningful way.

I heard an example of this the other day.  A friend was sharing the story of his three-year-old niece at the family Thanksgiving get-together.  This little girl had on a beautiful red velvet dress.  She knew she looked pretty as she danced around the room, enjoying the attention.

Not too long after, however, she walked in dressed only in her tights.  Her mother asked her “What happened to your dress?”

The little girl pointed under one arm and said, “It hurt under here” and then pointed under the other arm and said, “it hurt under here. “

“It hurt my feelings”, she said.

How perfectly expressed!

Who of us hasn’t worn a piece of clothing that “hurt our feelings”?

So cheers to this little girl who didn’t put up with any old red velvet dress hurting her feelings – no matter how darn pretty she looked!

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