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Paper whites – they belong to the daffodil family and can be forced to flower indoors at any time.   This is the first year I have ever planted a paper white bulb – three of them, in fact.  I nestled them into a bed of pebbles, added a little water, placed them on a sunny window sill and watched.

I don’t really like the term “forced” to flower.  I’d rather like to think that I provided a cozy, warm and inviting environment for them to grow.  And magically, the shoots are growing taller every day, and last night – last night – we noticed the first tiny bud peaking out of the tallest shoot.

Anticipation – the dictionary defines it as a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen – the act of looking forward to a pleasurable expectation.

That’s what it’s been about for me  – watching my paper whites – anticipation.  And at this time of year, for sure, anticipation is definitely in the air.  You know …“visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads” and all that the holiday brings to us.

So as we approach this Christmas Day, I wish everyone their own personal sense of anticipation  – to recognize it and savor it and embrace the gift that it brings.

Have a lovely holiday week.

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