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a new year wish

Every day in a Wisconsin winter is not -20 degrees windchill.  Just think of a few days ago – Saturday – a gorgeous winter day – bright sun, almost balmy, just about perfect for a late December day.

“Didn’t you just love it?”

We can say the same about our families.   Every day doesn’t run completely as planned; every day does not feel perfect.

Perhaps we’re stressed with too much to do – the furnace breaks down, finances are low, a stomach virus hits the whole family, the children are overtired and whining, the short winter day seems endless.

What happened to our harmony – our warmth, our bright sun, our perfect day?

And so, what I wish for all of you as we begin this new year 2014 is not that everyday necessarily be perfect – but that you are able to recognize and savor the moments in your day, in your family, in yourself that are.

And that you accept your family’s personal “below zeroes and wind chill factors” that present themselves on any given day – knowing it is those times that actually allow us to notice and appreciate more clearly the abundance of love and joy we feel when the sun shines bright in our lives – even in the smallest ways.

“Don’t you just love it?”

Happy New Year 2014 to all of you!

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