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I like February.

Stuck right in the middle of the depths of winter, it starts right off with some wit and distraction (will the ground hog really see his shadow – or not?),  goes straight to the heart, playing Cupid on Valentine’s Day,  sticks in a long Presidents’ Day weekend for many to enjoy; and then doesn’t over-extend her welcome, except occasionally (like every four years) when she decides to hang on for another day

However, February gets maligned because we are so winter-weary and so very eager for Spring to come.  And, even though it is the shortest month, it can often feel  so long.

I think sometimes parenting can feel like February.

Am I right?

We “February -ize” our parenting by often wanting to get on with it, already, rushing and  wishing for our child’s present stage to be over and done with, always anticipating another new accomplishment, the next threshold,   And… like February, parenting sometimes seems endless, until you realize that it isn’t.

So February is a perfect time to check our mindfulness factor – both in parenting and in our acceptance of this second month of the new year.

Acknowledging and appreciating where our child is right this very moment is a gift for him and for you.  Take the time to notice your child’s “particularness” and how special that is – look at your child when she’s talking to you, pay attention to what and how he says things, be aware of her “self”, see and love him for who he really is, avoid comparisons,  celebrate her uniqueness, and accept the developmental behavior that is a necessary part of growing up.

Doing this can really pull you out of a parenting slump – a “doubting your child” phase,  a February phase, and release you to the beauty and reality of the moment – whatever it is.

And February can teach us how to do this.  By allowing our impatience for a change in seasons to fade, we can acknowledge and appreciate the extra bright sunlight, the lengthening day, the very blue sky, the lovely winter sunsets, and definitely, the love in the air that February provides.

February – care for it.

And this February, The Parenting Place will be spreading valentine fun and love at Hearts Galore, Thursday, February 13th from 6-7:30 PM at The Parenting Place in La Crosse.  Come celebrate with your favorite valentines. Special fun for the whole family.  Crafts, treats, activities and hearts galore! Registration is required.  Call 784-8125 to register.

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