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the first crocus

It’s getting pretty close to discovering the first crocuses of the season.  I know you’re doubting me – how could that be with the snow and frigid temperatures outside?  But Spring is really on the way – and the simple crocus is one of the first to announce it.

My co-worker, Miss Nancy, who shares so many fun stories with me from her time in the Children’s Room on Tuesday mornings, was telling me about one particular little girl who we both know has struggled with sharing.  Her mom has been very concerned about this and even though she was informed and aware that difficulty in sharing is all a part of being two years old, it was very hard to accept that this very precocious, well-spoken child found it so hard.

This little Miss would often go up to another child and just take whatever it was right out of his hands.  When she was told the other child was using it, and she needed to give it back, she would dissolve in a fury of tears.

One day Nancy shared with me the logic (as well as the progress) that was playing out in this little girl’s mind.  After taking something out of another child’s hand and being reminded that she needed to please give it back, she was asked if she would like it if somebody took something away from her.  Without tears this time, she answered “No” – along, however, with a very  emphatic , “But I need it!

Just as the bulbs we plant in the fall before the hardest frost hits, knowing they need time in the ground before they send forth stem, foliage and then flowers, our children develop one baby step at a time – watching, practicing, growing.

We need to trust the process.

Last week a new development unfolded.  This bright little girl wanted something another child was already using and so she asked, ” Can I play with that when you’re finished?”

This little girl named Wren – growing and blooming like the first crocus of Spring.

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