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an antidote to cabin fever

I don’t know about you but this long siege of frigid temperatures, snow and ice has really begun to wear on me.  And I was doing so well too – being so positive about appreciating winter in all its many facets – bundling up and going out in spite of the cold.

That’s until the tundra arrived.  For me, ice is not nice.

We notice it with our dog, Tootsie, for sure.  She gets her daily short walks, of course, but nowhere near the length or the excitement that she’s looking for – and all those sticks frozen solid in the snow taunting her to just try to work one free.

Back home, her “socky” is continually being offered to us for tug of war play –  her ball for kicking and chasing – and lots of window to window barking.

I know parents have shared with me that cabin fever has definitely settled in their homes also.  Like Tootsie, the children’s exuberance is being contained and their need to be more physical, challenged.

That’s when I remembered seeing this fun activity I found on-line offered by Lisa Stroyan from Empathic Parenting.

Okay – are you ready to play Relay Race Jammies?

A child takes off one piece of clothing (like a sock), runs to another room and touches a certain spot (like run to the kitchen and touch the back door) , then runs back, takes off another item and runs off again.  Eventually the clothes will be off and the pajamas pieces will be on, all while your child is running, touching, laughing, releasing their excess energy and emotionally connecting with you.

Because – when we engage in fun play together with our children, we are helping them (as well as ourselves) relieve the stress that gets built up and causes emotional meltdowns and upsets.

So on these remaining cold days of winter, try this out with your little ones.  (Just remember to provide a calming activity like reading a book, a cozy back scratch,  or singing some lullabies after all the excitement is done.)

On your mark, get set, go….

This Friday, The Parenting Place’s Play Shoppe will meet at the La Crosse City Garage at 2000 Marco Drive at 9:30 AM for a look and a “sit-in” of all the snowplows, buses and big machines parked there.  It is a very fun winter outing and the employees who work there (who make it possible for us to get out of our own homes and drive the streets) proudly like to show and tell what they do.  Call me at 784-8125 if you have any questions.

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