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Ta dah

When I observe busy parents coming and going, meeting their young children’s needs, while juggling other personal and professional demands in their lives, they often share their frustration with thinking they are not accomplishing anything.

Parenting small children makes for a busy world.  I recall hearing a story of a parent who was voicing her frustration of not getting anything done that day.  Her three-year-old daughter, listening in nearby, quickly corrected her . “Yes you did.  You found my lost dolly shoe under my bed, you read me three books before my nap, you took me to the playground to play, you put a bandage on my “owie”, and you made ‘breakfast for dinner’ tonight.”

So there!

Somewhere recently I came across an alternative to the “to-do list” we all have going in our heads. Instead of  facing every day with a list of all the things we must do, why not at the end of the day, celebrate the things we did do – with  a  big ol’  “Ta dah”  list.

And make it all count – the small things as well as the big things, the intentional things as well as the “meeting the needs of the moment” things.

Then bask in the acceptance and the joy of realizing what you really did accomplish that day – mattered.

Ta dah!

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