mom enough

Okay – back to reality – to everyday living.  Right?  Sometimes coming off of the celebration of Mother’s Day can be daunting.

First of all, we may think, deep down – really?  Am I really all the things this Mother’s Day card says I am?

Why – then – do I sometimes feel like I miss the mark, say the wrong thing, lose my perspective?

I’d say that’s because, as mothers, we are human – and being human is to experience our emotions, to question, to acknowledge, to sometimes slip up, and then to fix it up.

Dr. Laura Markham from Aha Parenting says, “We don’t have to be perfect.  As long as we’re willing to keep growing and loving, every single one of us is mom enough”.

I like that expression – mom enough.  It leaves room for growth, for change, for life.

So, today, this week, this month, as the words of Mother’s Day cards echo in our minds, go right ahead and accept them, appreciate them, own them as we all continue along – lovingly – on our personal mothering journey.

It’s worth it!

If you’re questioning your parenting response to your child’s behavior and would like some insight, give a call to The Parenting Place’s Warm Line  – 784-8125 – and ask for Fran. I’m always happy to listen and share.

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