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compassion in motion

The Compassion project is on site now at The Pump House in downtown La Crosse – school children’s artistic impressions of what compassion means to them.  If you haven’t gotten down there yet to view this exceptional show of art – and heart – you’re in for a treat.

Sunday afternoon many  school-aged children and younger stopped by The Parenting Place’s table at the Riverside Family Fun Festival and put their own design on a coffee filter butterfly ring or/and a dragon fly on a stick.  Simple projects that  seemed to grab these children’s attention.

I was struck by the instant focus of most of the children.  I felt they were hungry to express their individuality with each design and easily able to shut out all the hullabaloo happening around them – to slow down, be present, create, attend.

It seemed to matter to them.

And that’s what I believe is really at the heart of compassion – when things matter.

This week The Parenting Place bid a most heartfelt goodbye to a very special staff member, Parent Educator Patti Correll-Syring.  Anyone who knows Patti knows her to be such an incredibly intelligent, sensitive, caring, wise, strong woman.

Patti always shared with the parents she worked/played with the significance of maintaining strong relationships with their children – to stay emotionally connected with them through love, through listening, through playing, through laughing, though tears, through touch.

Patti modeled compassion for all of us.

Things mattered to her.

She will surely be missed at The Parenting Place.  We wish her the very best in all she chooses to do.

Patti Correll-Syring – compassion – in motion.

Thank you!

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