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summer evenings

From nightly neighborhood walks and sitting on front porches  to Riverside Band concerts and strolling along the river, from Friday nights’ farmer’s markets to picnics anywhere, we can appreciate the relaxed, slower pace of a summer evening.

Notice the freedom and confidence these times provide for our children.  We can sense it in their stride, their skipping, their climbing as they walk  along with their families  We feel it in the proud, content look of the child riding astride a dad’s shoulders , observing his world, high and close to one of his most significant people. We can watch and enjoy the independence of young children as they leave their parents’ blankets to run and cavort and dance at the farmer’s market.

We can all enjoy an ice cream cone or popsicle for sure.

It’s about simplicity, when nothing is expected but much is received. It doesn’t matter what the day was like.  A summer evening is about relaxing … allowing … accepting … letting go of shoulds and lists and just soaking in the warmth and the comfort of the moment.

It is about sharing, and a feeling of community.  It is about a sense of belonging.  And it brings all of us closer and makes all of us feel more secure and grateful.

It is our reward for February.

Summer evenings – hold on to them.

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