the little red hen

During circle time at Friday’s Play Shop, we read the book, The Little Red Hen.  Many of you are probably familiar with this old story of the red hen who shares her little house with a cat, a dog and a mouse.

As the story goes … the cat likes to sleep all day on the couch, the dog likes to sleep all day on the sunny  back porch, and the mouse likes to snooze all day in the warm chair by the fire.

So …the little red hen had to do all the housework.  She cooked the meals and washed the dishes and made the beds.  She swept the floor and washed the windows and mended the clothes.

It was at this point in the story when 3-year-old Wren piped up, “She must be the mom.”

So should we, as women, cringe at this little girl’s perception that whoever is doing the housework must be the mom (even though she has a very hands-on dad in her own home}, or should we celebrate the intrinsic trust that it holds for her that of course,  moms can always be counted on to take care of us and do  things for us.

At three years old, I believe it’s a beautiful thought to have.

And, of course, there is the end of the story, you know.

When the cat, the dog and the mouse refuse to help the little red hen with planting the wheat seeds she finds, caring for the wheat, cutting the wheat, taking the wheat to the mill to be ground, making a cake …

… this spunky little red hen makes her point by eating the whole cake all by herself.

No door mat – this little red hen – just like a very wise mom.



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