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anticipation in the air

It feels every breath I take these days is full of anticipation.

With August disappearing faster than a cat can wink its eye, The Parenting Place Children’s Festival is practically upon us – August 23rd, a few days shy of two weeks.  That’s always an alert – the final countdown, the rush to make sure everything is ready and accounted for – everything is special – everything good to go.

And there’s my family’s own personal August countdown and expectation – 1st Grand-baby Watch for us – which brings me such great pleasure and joy just in thinking about this new arrival.

I imagine all of you have your own anticipations – it’s that time of year for sure.  New beginnings – perhaps a move, children going off to preschool or kindergarten or middle school for the very first time – grand milestones of their own.

And as we face these anticipations, these events and big steps, human nature has us programed it seems,  to pretty much try and plan them to the nth degree, to over-think them in some cases, to try to control the way things will play out.  We are all so busy with our to-do lists to check off while our deadlines loom,   (The Children’s Festival on August 23rd  – school starting for most on September 2nd) as we rush and worry and flurry about.

But not the baby.   For the baby will come when the baby comes, and no matter how busy, no matter how we try to guess and put a date for the arrival on our calendar, the arrival is when the baby arrives.

And, miracle of miracles, that will be exactly  the right day!

So…  perhaps there’s a life lesson here.  Take each day as it comes, enjoy the process that is happening day by day – focus on what’s in front of us right now – let it unfold -breathe in the present as we patiently accept and relish the anticipation of new and lovely things to come.

And be grateful for every minute – even the messy ones.

I’ll keep you posted!


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