trust them

“I won’t leave without you.”, I overheard a two-and-a-half-year-old little girl telling her daddy as she walked independently behind him while shopping at Kohl’s.  Her dad kept stopping and waiting for her, and that’s when she would repeat, “I won’t leave without you.”

How many times probably has this little one heard that said to her and now when she repeats it herself to her dad, she can feel empowered and confident as she assures him not to worry.

It is moments like this that we know our words hit home, make their point, console, encourage, embolden our children’s young spirits.

And so, as many of our children head off for their first day of school, we can be sure that all of the words and good-bye routines and rituals that have evolved over the years between you will replay in their minds as they leave you at their classroom door.

Trust them to own them and be strong from them.

And so, in a way, “they won’t leave without you” – not even on their first day of school.



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