“I think I’m feeling much braver now”, a five-year-old little guy told his mom before leaving for his first day of kindergarten, after quite a teary morning at home.

As distressing as it might seem to a parent who is ever hopeful that their child will glide through this separation with ease, what a positive stress reducer it was for this young boy to let his “feelings” be known, face them and find his courage.

For stress can come out in so many other different  and often negative ways – misbehavior, aggression, physical ailments to name a few.   How perfect for this little guy that he knew he could share his emotions with his mom, making their relationship that much more trusting and secure.

The honesty that comes out in moments like these can be so revealing and so poignant.  “I just want to stay here with you like I’m supposed to “, this 5-year-old told his mom.

So many new things to face – one foot in the safe, cozy nurture of family and the other foot stepping into the big world out there.  But this special boy took a giant leap, worked through his stress to discover his bravery and a wonderful first day of school as well.

It’s a lesson for all of us.  Pay attention to our strong emotions, share them, talk about them, cry if we have to, work them out.

We’ll all feel a little braver then.

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