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a life

“Let your life speak

I love this old Quaker quote.  For me it says it all – simply and beautifully. I like to think that is what I try to do as imperfect and clumsy as my attempts often may be.

But my brother, George – he was a different story.  He truly did let his life speak.

It was a life of courage and perseverance, hard work, generosity, abundant love and caring, a  very funny sense of humor, humility, kindness and acceptance even in times of great personal loss and pain.  He was a devoted dad and grandpa, husband and brother.  He really was special.

My brother George died on Friday and a hole has been left in our family of six siblings.

But as has been my way whenever I’ve needed to take a deep breath and be brave, face the unknown, accept life’s twists and turns, challenging that they may be, I always think of my brother George.

His life reflected the true miracle of the human spirit – and so he will live on.

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