let it be

I read a quote recently that I thought was so beautiful – “Linger for a few minutes after lights are out – that’s when you see children’s souls”Rabbi Sandy Sasso.

I think all parents have experienced this moment of bliss as they peek in on their sleeping child and are filled with their child’s beauty and innocence.  And their own love for their child is so powerfully strong – yet often their guilt as well.

For how could I have been so impatient, so cranky, so disconnected – to this beautiful child that I love so so much?

Because parents aren’t perfect, life is complicated, and some days are harder than others.

And sometimes we need to dial back on our activities, our demands, our expectations of ourselves and our children.

And let it be.

Let lists be;  let mussed-up hair be;  let pajamas, still on, be;   let sitting together, just looking at books, be; let dust  be; let a simple meal be; let a wandering walk in the neighborhood, just because, be;  let sitting on the stoop watching the leaves fall and the cars go by,be; let noticing the bright eyes, the quirky expressions, the hint of the person- to- be, be.

Let breathing everything in – be.  Let exhaling – be.

Let love – be.

Maybe that’s when our children see our souls.

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