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Every parent who has ever shared their concerns with me about their child’s behavior may be frustrated, scared, at their wit’s end, but always, behind their words of desperation, sometimes temporarily hidden even to them, lies their overwhelming love for their child.

And that’s what we can use to focus on – once we hear about the whining, the tantrums, the negativity, the aggression.  What else is there about your child?  What is your child like when there’s peace shining through?  What is he doing? What are you doing?  What is happening in the family?  What makes her smile? What makes him cooperative?  What makes her lovable?

There’s seldom an easy answer or one parenting technique that will change a difficult situation over night.  And often trying to fix the child and make this child “good” backfires on us and makes things worse.  Because it is often the child’s natural goodness and refreshing the parents’ belief in that goodness that goes a long way toward healing the disconnection between them.

For when any of us feel valued, feel appreciated, feel cherished – we are ready for renewal.

“Namaste” – (pronounced “Naa-Maa-Stay”) is a word from the Sanskrit language that means ” I honor the divine light within you.”

I believe looking for this very positive light within a troublesome child is what will show us the way.

“Namaste ” –   a word to remember.

If you would like some help in appreciating the “light” within your challenging child, let’s talk.  Call me at The Parenting Place – 784-8125 .

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