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the bridge

I read this tidbit of information recently that I found interesting.  The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is virtually painted everyday of the year.  By the time the work is done, it’s time to start over.

An ongoing process – a job that’s never done.

Sound familiar?  Certainly as parents, our job description reads this way.  And maybe even in other areas of our lives.  Our work is always present.

One of the reasons the bridge is constantly painted is to keep it in good repair.  Left to the high salt content in the air surrounding the bridge, the steel components would rust and corrode. In our parenting lives the same thing rings true.  In order to maintain healthy connections with our children and keep our interactions strong and positive, we need to be responsive, proactive and pay attention to the everyday needs and strains of relationship.

In spite of the vast amount of care, however, the Golden Gate Bridge is a wonder of the world, a beautiful sight whether shrouded in fog or shining against the blue sunlit sky.  And so goes our parenting journey – cracks here and there, a cloudy day, a stormy day, a beautiful day.  Yet together all the moments can add up to a magnificent span.

Parenting really is like the bridge – offering not only our children but us a path on which to travel.

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