a visit

Some things – even a very simple thing,  you don’t forget.

When our son Henry was six years old, Penny, a friend from Winona, appeared at our door one late November afternoon.  She had with her supplies aplenty to make Thanksgiving turkeys – vanilla wafers, some chocolate frosting, Hershey’s kisses, mini-Reese’s peanut butter cups, and candy corn.

Dinner prep was put on hold, Henry called his neighbor friend to join us, and we made Thanksgiving turkeys, right that very moment.

I love the surprise, the spontaneity, the Mary Poppinsesque feeling of that moment, as Penny flew in our front door, ready for some fun.  There was no prearranged date, there was no plan at all.

She just came – and it was magical.

I think of Penny and her surprise visit every year before Thanksgiving, as late day darkness approaches.  Penny  isn’t able to recall this memory herself anymore, but that’s okay, Penny, I’ll remember it for both of us.

Thank you to Penny and to all those who share their gifts with others.

(If you would like to have some fun making  sweet Thanksgiving turkeys of your own, just Google vanilla wafer turkeys and follow the simple directions.)

I wish all of you many special Thanksgiving memories.



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