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a moment

I love when I’m  treated to a private moment of love personified.  That’s what happened recently as I waited for a haircut at Great Clips.

It wasn’t probably anything that anyone else would have noticed.

But sitting there was a mom and her six or seven-year-old, shaggy-haired son, waiting for his haircut also.  He sat on the edge of his seat close to his mom as he played a game intently on his hand-held device.  His mom sat close, an arm draped ever so slightly on his shoulder.  There was a sense of peace flowing between them – even though there was no verbal communication.  It seemed to me I could feel the acceptance, trust, and belonging flowing between the two of them.

There were no admonitions, no reminders, no questions – just a quiet peace.

At one point the mom leaned over and kissed him on the back of his head, ever so quietly and lightly – barely noticed – just part of the flow.

I guess this made such an impression on me because this was very late afternoon.  I’m sure the boy had just been picked up from school or after-school-care – the mom perhaps coming from work.

Yet conversation wasn’t needed to reconnect – just a mom’s gentle touch said it all.

Sometimes if we are struggling to connect with a child who is challenging us, remember the strength of the gentle touch – often communicating louder and deeper than words.

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