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Talking with four-year-old Henry after Play Shoppe on Friday, I realized once again how much we can learn from children.

Explaining to me all about Lego sets, Henry wisely shared that he doesn’t usually follow the directions.  “I just do it my way.”

And his way is good for him.

That’s the message for today – your way is good for you, my way is good for me, Henry’s way is good for him.

Whether we’re talking about life styles, cooking, routines, parenting, personal styles – we all have our individual differences.  Finding our comfort level in accepting and embracing these differences is key.

I spoke with a mom last week who was stressed about Christmas gifts for her relatives  – their expectations of her and how to meet them.  Her idea was to bake and give a homemade pie to the people on her list but she was hesitant to do so.  I encouraged her to be herself – to be the person who gives pies for Christmas – to distinguish herself by giving a gift that brings her joy to make and to share – a gift that says who she is.

And anyway – who wouldn’t love a pie?

This holiday week, be particularly mindful of what young Henry shared.  Often when we are around extended family, we are reluctant to show them who we’ve become, what we believe, how we parent – our way.  But it’s time – you’ve earned it – you’re someone’s mom or dad now – and it’s okay to do things your way.

I wish you all a joyful and loving holiday in many different ways.

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