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a word

It’s hard to believe 2015 is at our doorstep – the beginning of a new year.

At this time, conversations often revolve around who’s made New Year’s resolutions and what they are.  Probably most of us think about making them or  consider, at least, how we’d like to make this new year different in some way.

Resolutions, however, are often broken or forgotten as January turns into February into March, leaving us feeling a bit guilty or discouraged that we were unable to keep them up.

However, I recently read about a suggestion for setting a different tone – a touchstone if you like – for the new year ahead.  Pick a word – one word that encompasses something/or some direction you’d like to focus on.  Try out a few until one resonates with you.

One word to guide you through the year – to think about, respond to, return to, grow with and toward.

Write it down.  Leave it in places for you to notice – on a shelf, on a window sill, on your calendar, on your dashboard, on your cell phone.

And then see – one word, for the year, might make a difference.

Simple as that.

“I think I’m going to try this.  What about you?”

All of us at The Parenting Place wish all of you and your families a very special New Year 2015, filled with all the words that mean the most to you.


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