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911 please

I saw a little girl of four on early morning national news today who had dialed 911 because her mother was experiencing a seizure.

This little girl’s mom has epilepsy and so from the age of two, her mom practiced with her how to correctly call 911, what her mom’s full name and complete address was – always praying the time would never come that her daughter would have to use this skill.  And wondering would she be able to really do it if it did.

But this little smarty did it.  And not only was the mom seizing, but in the little girl’s words to the 911 dispatcher, “she is very very pregnant too.”.

Help got to them, the little girl rode in the ambulance with her mom (which she said she liked a lot) and a baby brother was born soon after (which she said she loved a lot.)

What clear thinking and action this 4-year-old displayed under frightening circumstances.  Yet it seemed all in a day’s “work” for this young lady – her confidence and resilience strong.

Hopefully none of our children will face emergency situations like that one – but showing them how to call 911 and ask for help is very empowering.  Just like learning various practical skills such as being able to get themselves some cereal and milk, clean up spills, make a peanut butter sandwich, peel a hard-boiled egg, get dressed – raises a child’s self-confidence and can-do attitude.

It’s a win-win for everyone.


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