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Thank you, February for starting off the week with sun – bright and pure against the deep blue sky.

I’ve missed the sun so much this winter that I don’t even care that Jimmy the Ground Hog in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin will see his shadow – and predict six more weeks of winter.  I needed to feel the energy this sunny day offers.

I know the temperature outside is very chilly but the sun shining in on me as I sit at my desk is beautiful, warm and nourishing, and I’m so grateful.

Sometimes even as parents, we’re happy for an unexpected napping child even when it means a schedule that’s thrown off a bit – just because we needed it, right that very moment.

Sometimes our child gets the  cookie she wants right before dinner (the exception, I know) because we really needed it.

Sometimes the routine changes a little bit.  Sometimes the rules give a little bit – just because we really need them too – at that very moment.

But that’s when we know we’re only human, and that’s when we know it doesn’t always need to be perfect – and that’s when we know we need the sun to shine bright today.


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