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sweeter dreams

“My heart melts whenever I see a little child in their “jamies” I told a mom the other night as she scooped up her pajama-clad children from the playroom after an evening program at The Parenting Place.

And that’s the truth!  They look so darn comfy, innocent and trusting.

But then it comes time for them to go to bed.

We hear from parents all the time that bedtime scenes in their homes are often less than cozy – in spite of their pajama-clad little ones.  I was recently reading an article about bedtimes for children being fraught with such stress, upsets and discord.  And the suggestion was perhaps to change the way we portray bedtime.  So often going to bed is presented as a threat -as a terrible place to go – “You’re going to go straight to bed if you don’t stop”, “You  get in that bed right now”, “the way you’re acting, you’ll go to bed without any bedtime snack”, “Get in bed and don’t let me hear another peep!” 

Often, even time-outs are spent with a child sitting upset and sad on his bed.

So, why not offer a softer tone, a more peaceful approach.   Why not consider and share how helpful sleep is for our bodies – how when we rest, our brains sort out all the things we learned today to be ready for learning new things tomorrow.  Call it growing time …slowing time …knowing time.

It’s a small thing – but maybe it will make a big difference – if we change our bedtime enforcement tone to an invitation that sounds pleasant and special, dreamy and safe.

So -go  find your bunny, your bear, your blanket … it’s time for some cozy time, nestled and snug in your bed.

Sweet dreams!


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