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I’ve been more in tune with the vagaries of weather and how we must accept and adjust to it recently, since I am temporarily walking “Tootsie” at the early crack of dawn.  I realize it’s not until I open the door do I really know what to expect.  A few days ago it was so furiously windy and bitter cold, that in the early morning darkness, I definitely felt winter’s wrath.

But … we deal with what Mother Nature offers us.  We accept the plunging temperatures even as we await the sunny, warm days of summer, only to adjust once again when the heat intensifies too much.

And isn’t that what parenting is like?  Every day is not” a sunny 72 degrees in June”.  But when the temps  heat up or we feel the chill seeping in, we make the necessary changes – doing what needs to be done, finding our way through a particularly stormy day.

That flexibility, resilience, and acceptance is what we should recognize and celebrate in ourselves.  It’s an acknowledgement that in spite of inconveniences, distractions, messed-up schedules, loss of sleep, unpredictability, we are there for our children – taming the tantrums, putting out the fires, being the meteorologist of emotions.

And during the storm and in the sunshine, we are growing strongly into parenthood.

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