Ah … sleep

Sleep – children often fight it – parents mostly crave it – for themselves and for their child.

Sleep issues are one of the most frequent concerns that arise when parents talk about their children. How can we get this child to sleep – to stay in bed – to sleep alone.

Other concerns parents have may not start off being about sleep, but after sharing tales of a child’s behavior, outbursts, tantrums, hyperactivity, it may all come directly back to a child’s need for more sleep.

In today’s busy world we live in, where expectations and doing more is valued highly,sleep often takes a back seat, becomes an afterthought.

So how can we change this drama of bedtime to the peace of dreamland?

The prime key is to provide a routine – develop a rhythm that helps your child feel and be ready for bedtime. Most parents will swear they do have a routine yet bedtime still remains stressful for all. However, there are many factors that affect whether a child accepts and responds to a bedtime routine or puts up his defenses to fight it.

Some children co-sleep with their parents, some children sleep in a “nest” on the floor in their parents’ room, some siblings share a bed, some children sleep alone. All of these situations can work to provide a good night of rest for your child and you. What’s essential,however, is to respect the value and significance a good night’s sleep can offer for your child’s well-being and for your own well-being and to keep this as a strong priority in your family’s life.

If you are one of the many parents wondering why bedtime is often challenging, call and register for the workshop “Ah Sleep” at The Parenting Place, Tuesday, April 21st from 6-7:30 PM.  Join the discussion and learn ways to make nighttime more peaceful in your home.  Call The Parenting Place – 784-8125 to register. Limited childcare is available.

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