Earth Day

The rain showers have helped.  All of a sudden the colors of Spring are appearing, buds sprouting, daffodils swaying, grass greening, forsythia blooming, and lilacs looking promising.

It’s a lovely time of year – a perfect time for the celebration of Earth Day on Wednesday, April 23rd.

Earth Day – we really should celebrate – we really should take note.

Tell your children and plan something to acknowledge the occasion.  Create a new family tradition.

Plant some flowers; clean up an elderly neighbor’s yard; clean up your own yard; brush away the old leaves and debris and let your children discover life beneath; don some old gloves, grab a paper bag and choose a park or a block to pick up the litter; count the robins you see in the neighborhood; go on the first picnic of the year, even if it’s chilly; go eagle watching along the river; grab some binoculars and peek in on the baby owls in their nest in a dead tree in the marsh; climb a tree; hug a tree.

Speaking of trees, it was only last week that La Crosse saw more than a hundred ash trees on Losey Blvd be taken down. A family,  participants of The Parenting Place, was there to observe, to understand, to honor.

Oliver, five years old, was interviewed by a TV reporter as he stood watching with his dad and little brother.  Yes, he knew that “the trees had a bug, and they didn’t want it to spread – so they need to cut them down”, he told  the reporter. When asked what Oliver hoped they would plant to replace them, he answered, “maple trees so I can collect maple leaves.”

It was a sad day to see these seemingly healthy trees be toppled, one after the other, along the length of Losey Blvd. But it’s also encouraging that new trees will sprout, (maybe even maples), young boys will remember, and future good stewards of the Earth are being raised.

Happy Earth Day 2015 everyone!  Go on out and celebrate !

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