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don’t worry

Sometimes you look up (if you’re like me) from the book you’re reading and actually take notice of a TV commercial – because it works so well.

That’s the way I feel whenever I see the Gundersen Lutheran television commercial (yes – a local commercial) with a young mom standing by her infant in the neonatal unit.  She has her hand extended inside the incubator as she gently touches her baby.  The lights are low – all is quiet as the mom sings softly, over and over again, to her precious treasure – “Don’t worry – cause every little thing’s going to be alright”.

A seasoned nurse stops by unobtrusively to check something without disturbing them and then continues, quietly on her way, humming the very same tune as she goes.

I applaud this serene depiction of universal maternal love, hope, quiet determination and trust.

For as parents, we’ve all been there with our children, at varying degrees.

Whether it’s nursing common childhood sicknesses, more serious illnesses, emotional upsets, struggles, challenges,fears and pain, a parent’s love is palpable, strong, and comforting, even though our hearts may be afraid.

We often see this love come full circle.

I have an old friend now in her very last days of life.  It is her adult children who are there, holding her hand, and perhaps, silently mouthing the very same words, “don’t worry – cause every little thing’s going to be alright”.

The beauty and strength of love.

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