Way before baby Theo was born 9 months ago, I was called Gramma.

I was Gramma to Boca, a beautiful black standard poodle girl who on Friday passed on at the age of sixteen and a half.

I took being Gramma to Boca very seriously. It was easy to do. Boca loved a package in the mail with expectations that something in there must be for her.  I relished stories and updates on her experiences, friends and achievements. Boca was a “girl on the go”, privileged to “come along” and be included in most things, including weddings, graduations and work.  She was smart and well-mannered and was always welcomed.

Boca the beauty had become these sixteen years later beautiful in the “Real” sense – like the bunny in the Velveteen Rabbit book.  Some of her hair had been “loved off” and she was “loose in the joints and a bit shabby” but she was “Real” and “these things don’t matter at all – once you are Real”.

We learn about love in so many ways.

Thank you, Boca, for letting me be Gramma – and showing me the way.

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