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what do you think?

At a recent celebration of life service  for a dear friend, Penny, there was much shared of her beautiful and full life and the difference that she made in so many others’ lives.

One quality that really resonated with me was about Penny as a teacher –  and how often when a child asked her a question, she would respond,  “what do you think?”. And she always listened, really listened, and the child learned to trust what she/he did think, and then the conversation would evolve.

Penny stretched children’s minds, challenged them, respected them and her students responded, grew in spirit and became learners – confident to share what they thought.

So often as adults, we feed information, rules, comments without even considering what our children already know or feel, need or believe. Yet the starting point, the connecting point, the spark that ignites may lie in that first question, “what do you think?”

By asking, we gain information ourselves how best to answer, how much to say, what to offer.

And what a gift, what a legacy to bestow – for our children to know and believe that what they do think, counts.

” So …what do you think?”

“Think left – think right – think low and think high.  Oh the thinks you can think of if only you try.”  from “Oh the Thinks You can Think – Dr. Seus .

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