Friday put a smile on my face and joy in my heart upon hearing the Supreme Court’s ruling for marriage equality.

Couples and families (and families and grandparents of couples and their children) were finally recognized, affirmed, and validated.  From 80-year old senior citizens who have lived their entire adult lives lovingly together, to high schoolers watching anxiously for acceptance of who they might be, to young children with two moms or two dads – feeling included, secure, and strengthened.

Strengthening families – all families – is what I hope my years working and sharing with families has been and will continue to be all about.

And that’s what I believe this Court ruling is all about also – strengthening families, strengthening commitments, strengthening communities.

I think of the power and dignity that inclusion, recognition, and acknowledgement brings to all of us – individually and collectively.   For as parents, as neighbors, as friends, as co-workers, as community members, as human beings – we are all strengthened by this unity.

We are all connected … and the connections and ties are many – and strong.

Joy in my heart!

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