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When I was growing up, we had a side porch right off the kitchen, enclosed, with simple but comfortable chairs and many windows to look out.

This is where I remember my mom going to sit, to take a short break. She’d sit in her chair, put her feet up on the hassock and be still, lost in thought it seemed – resting, refreshing herself.

This kind of “self time” is often neglected when we are busy with children.  But it is very necessary.  With so many demands and emotions coming at us continually, we need to empty our minds for even a short time, and relax – by giving ourselves this intentional break.

A mom came into The Parenting Place last week with her two busy young boys.  She had a quick question so I went into the Children’s Room with them so the children could play while we talked.  After about twenty minutes, we had finished talking.

Mom had been over in the corner on the floor picking up Lego pieces and putting them back in the bin, while the boys had zipped off to the other side of the room, out of sight of mom, playing with some cars and trucks.

I saw the boys and wondered where their mom had gone.   I looked over to see if she was still where I had left her.

She was.

The Lego pieces  were all put away and mom was just sitting there, alone – on the floor – quietly relishing this precious moment to herself – to just be still, to be quiet, to breathe, to hide.

She laughed when I saw her and said it felt too good to get up. I appreciated that moment for her so much.

So this is something you can try at home.

Somewhere, somehow, in your day, find that spot, take that time, find the quiet within.

Try this different kind of “selfie” – steal a snapshot of time for yourself.

It will make you smile.

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