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It’s true

I like my twist on the often heard quote, “It takes a village to raise a child”.

How about “It takes a Play Shoppe to raise a child”?.


Because it is definitely during our weekly Friday Play Shoppe that I witness such communal interaction.

Emotions are shared, children included and embraced by others, parents supported.  Both children’s good behaviors and misbehaviors  are understood and appreciated. Misunderstandings between children are readily helped and negotiated, sometimes by the “happening-to-be-standing-next-to-them” adult. Suggestions are offered, sharing encouraged, occasionally ultimatums handed down, agreements accepted, harmony restored – a morning of caring, a morning of joyfulness, a morning of growth.

It is on Friday afternoons, after all is quiet and picked up, that I take the time to think back and reflect on the morning’s Play Shoppe goings-on – the conversations parents share with each other and with me, the exchanges and togetherness of the children, the imagination and poetry of their play.

And I believe it really is true.

It does take a Play Shoppe to raise a child.

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