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I’m around lots of special little children at The Parenting Place but there’s something different about actually having a baby in one’s home – an almost one-year-old little guy who came to visit for a week.

A child of this age has a lot to teach us if we let them.  The paradox is these lessons are all things we most likely once knew and practiced when we were very young.  But then we grew up – and now as the adults that we are, we read books and articles and attend conferences and pay money to try and relearn how to be the way we naturally were as toddlers.

For it’s all about being totally enthralled by the ordinary – every object, sound, sensation,touch – and how to stay and absorb the moment. The world is there – right now, for a toddler to observe – to enjoy, to soak up, to be thrilled by.  And that boundless enthusiasm and joy is very contagious.

It’s free and available for our very own senses to see, to feel, to revive.

Anyone lucky enough to have the chance to spend some time with an almost one-year-old can learn to appreciate this renewed wonder – by watching, by doing.

This past week the joy was mine.  It’s the kind of joy that makes stiff knees and achy backs go unnoticed.

It’s the joy of life.

Thank you, Theo.

The place to witness some of this very joy and focus in children is coming up soon – The Parenting Place Children’s Festival – where play happens – Saturday, August 25th at Myrick Park from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM.  Tickets are $4.00 each;  3 for $10; $5. each the day of the event.  They’re on sale now at The Parenting Place and  The People’s Coop. Join us for this special morning and help us to continue our free parent education and support programs.

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