not too late

It’s Labor Day today – a traditional declaration of the end of summer as we know it.

But I say it’s not too late for another spontaneous picnic or two.

Picnics have changed a bit over the years, it seems. We go out to bigger, more planned events and festivals to eat and have fun- we do a lot of barbecuing in our own back yards.  But I’m talking about the simplicity of packing up some sandwiches, fruit, cookies and lemonade from home and heading off to the beach or the park for some spur-of-the moment fun.

This is just what the doctor ordered.  After a day at school, home or work it will soothe tired brains, frazzled nerves, refuel emotional connections for everyone.

So as the early fall weather treats us to clear blue skies and bright sunshine, make it a point to steal the time for a simple no-fuss “supper picnic” at the park – to just play, run, eat and remember the moment that “what’s for dinner?” was a surprise picnic in the park, right this very minute.


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