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can we go

A five-year-old boy overhearing his mom and me talking about the upcoming “COSTUME-A-RAMA” at The Parenting Place whirled his head around and exclaimed, “COSTUME-A-RAMA? What does that mean?” and then, “Can we go?”

Phew! That was enough for me – to know that I was on the right track for this one!

For in the pure spirit of hands-on–play experienced at all of our fun nights at The Parenting Place, the COSTUME-A-RAMA won’t disappoint.

When I was little and Halloween came along, kids used to dig around in closets and trunks and attics to see what kind of costume they might come up with.  The search was part of the fun – the trying on – the trading with a friend – the thrill of discovery.

So – as I told my 5-year-old friend,  that’s one of the things that will happen at the COSTUME-A-RAMA – finding/creating a costume to dress up in for the night.

Of course that’s only a part of the evening’s fun.  There will be “stuff” to eat, bubbling brews to create,  spooky art to make, secrets to find out – only if you come.

So – watch outbe careful parents – if your child hears you talking about The Parenting Place COSTUME-A-RAMA, they just might want to know “what does that mean?”  and then “can we go?”

The Parenting Place COSTUME-A-RAMA is on Tuesday, October 20th from 5:30 PM-7:00 PM at The Parenting Place, La Crosse.  Registration is required – just call 784-8125 to register or go to our website for on-line registering.   It’s coming up soon, so get your registrations in ASAP and bring the family.  Of course, as in all of our programs, there is no fee – just fun!


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