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It’s not Halloween yet

It’s not Halloween yet” – those words out of the mouth of a young toddler have resonated with me all week.

They were whispered to her mom when the two of them arrived at The Parenting Place Costume-a-rama fun night on Tuesday.  When her mom suggested a few different activities she might want to do, this young purist repeated, “It’s not Halloween yet“.

The truth is – I totally get what this little girl means.

It really wasn’t Halloween yet!

When I was growing up, Halloween activities were one day only – October 31st and that was that.  The anticipation and suspense grew and grew weeks before – until the magical day arrived – a tour of treats, funny, spooky costumes, trick or treating in the neighborhood, trading candies once you got home, a late-to-bed night.

And the next day – the next day it was over, gone until another year.

Nowadays, that’s not the case.  I bet I could cite at least ten local events before Halloween and probably ten more on Halloween that offer fun activities for children.

How’s a parent to choose?

Choose – that’s the operative word here.  We can and do get to decide which event best fits our child, his age, her interests, their personality, our family.

Often a parent will share with me that they feel compelled to show up for every event in the area – so as not to deprive their child from any experience.

I’m suggesting just the opposite.  Pick and choose – you know your child, trust your instincts, don’t be swayed by hype/friends/family.  Build on tradition and ritual in your own family way.  Your children will count on it, remember it, cherish it.

“It’s not Halloween yet” repeated by the little toddler girl – was her own way of preserving her true expectations of what her personal Halloween is and would be for Halloween day.

Sounds like a plan for all of us.

P.S.  This little one did actually enjoy this pre-Halloween fest – knowing full well “It’s not Halloween yet”.

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