It’s November

November is here – and we are fortunately enjoying such unseasonably warm, lovely weather.

However, I’m here to tell you – once again – that, really – November is here.  And one of these upcoming mornings, the car will have frost on it, the wind will blow, the sky will be gray and a snow flurry or two may appear.

I actually love November.  Once the leaves are raked up and sucked away by the big leaf blower, the bare tree limbs against the early winter sky can be starkly dramatic – a definite hint of cold weather to come. So right now is the time to make sure you and your family are ready with warm outer clothing to face the brisk weather – cozy jackets with zippers that work, hats that are comfy and fit, (that goes for parents too) and don’t forget snow pants and boots.

And as the temperatures drop and the furnaces go on, I encourage you to  continue to put going outside on your agenda – to take a walk in the neighborhood, play at the playground, run around in the yard, face the feel of the wind at Riverside Park.

Because the only real way to be prepared for a Wisconsin winter is to adapt to it day by day – by being out in it day by day.

Going outside in winter’s fresh air has definite health benefits.  It clears the sinuses and the cobwebs, energizes the body, makes for a restful sleep.  And as parents, we get to instill this sense of adventure and vigor that winter offers in our children – a fun and healthy way to live.

This Friday at Play Shoppe – we’ll be meeting at Seminary Park on East Ave. for a late fall/early winter play adventure.

It’s a good time to meet up with November – some fun and a few of your friends.

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